I know turkish since I’m living here for 3 years, but I’m gonna write in english for international students if some of them see it. I don’t understand why YTU doesn’t have an club for foreign students like other colleges do. As if local students aren’t already distant enough from us(they literally don’t talk as if we’re gonna bite or something), we don’t have an easy way to communicate with other international students either. It’s a serious issue that needs to be fixed. Turkish students naturally don’t know many official procedures that we need to follow of course, and we can’t go to every week to Ogrenci İsleri for all problems it’s kinda embarassing to ask every single detail to faculty members. At least there should be a way to reach other students who are in same situation with me when I need an quick asnwer. Someone should do or start something but idk who or how. Thank you and please don’t be judgemental we are human too, PLEASE TALK TO US, we’re not aliens. it’s okay to have flawed english while speaking. Have a nice day y’all.